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Yard Signs – 7 Ways You Can Use For Marketing

Custom Yard Signs
Posted on 15th December, by Quan Luu in Printing. Comments Off on Yard Signs – 7 Ways You Can Use For Marketing

Custom Yard Signs Printing

Are you looking for cheap advertising solutions for your event or business? Are you looking to win an election campaign?  You need to put up temporary yard signs to advertise your local event, your business, your fundraiser, or political campaign.

Wherever you are, yard signs aka bandit signs can be found.  These corrugated signs that are stuck into the ground advertise political candidates, open houses, power washing, fundraising events, and festivals.  You can’t miss them when you’re driving around, especially when there’s a big election coming.

Also known as Bandit Signs, etc…

Sometimes known as lawn signs, bandit signs or placards, these yard signs are inexpensive color chloroplast signs that are affixed to the earth with long stakes.  Usually found in grass, gravel, the road shoulder, grassy meridians or triangles, parks, lawns, and other landscaped areas.

As attention-grabbers; yard signs, bandit signs can help get you exposure in a way that no other advertising can.  So find a busy intersection and get ready to try out some of these great bandit sign, yard signs marketing campaign ideas:

  • Election Signs – reminders to get out and vote, direct traffic, advertise a candidate for office
  • Contractor Signs – contractors, home builders, seal coaters, remodelers, roofers, pool companies, chimney sweeps
  • Political Signs – to protest a project, encourage voters, or remind people of other legislation on the ballot
  • Real Estate Signs – for sale, for rent, for lease, space available, open house, garage for rent, barn for rent
  • Business Ads Signs – web designers, home business opportunities, network marketing, grand opening
  • Fundraising Signs – tricky tray, spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfast, barbeque fundraiser, bake sale, etc.
  • Event Signs – county fair, taste of festival, carnival, craft fair, celebration
  • Custom Yard Signs

    Make sure to place the signs in highly-trafficked areas to maximize their exposure to drivers and passengers.  This will help you build your reputation.  Here’s some other great ideas to make the most out of your yard signs, bandit signs:

  • Try something that gets attention. This is a real bandit sign tactic.  Try yellow text on a red background.
  • Use your logo if you’re well known in the area.
  • Keep the text to a minimum. Or “MINIMUM TEXT”.
  • The faster they’re driving, the larger the type! You can’t read fine print on a lawn sign at 60 miles per hour.
  • Put several yard signs in a row to give people a chance to catch up on the information they missed.
  • Place yard signs, bandit signs at corners with traffic lights where at least some people will have the time to read them.
  • Answer the most important questions, and only if necessary. Event?  What date?  Where?  Candidate?  Better make sure their name is bigger than “Vote for.”
  • At just $99 for 100 signs, our yard signs, bandit signs are the most affordable advertising available.  We have an easy online ordering system and you can build your own sign designs.  Don’t just think about it!  Make sure you order your yard signs, bandit signs before it’s too late to get the word out.

    Our $99 sale is for 100 12-inch by 18-inch signs, one-sided, one-color.  Stakes, double-sided printing, additional sizes, colors and shipping extra.  See our website for available options.

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