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An Introduction To Carbonless NCR Forms

Posted on 18th February, by Quan Luu in On Our Mind. Comments Off on An Introduction To Carbonless NCR Forms

A Short Introduction to Carbonless NCR Forms

Most of us remember the days when we needed a carbon paper to make or receive copies of invoices and receipts. A growing trend is the use of NCR Forms or Carbonless Copy Paper.

NCR Form writing carbonless copy paper

NCR Forms

NCR Stands for No Carbon Required, which is a word play on the company that developed the technology: National Cash Register. The underside of NCR forms are covered by a sheet of encapsulated ink, so that when the pressure of a writing utensil is being used on top, the encapsulated inks essentially breaks and follows the trail of the writer onto the sheet below it. The sheet below is coated with a reactive clay layer, which catalyzes a reaction between the encapsulated ink and leaves a permanent mark identical to the mark made on the top sheet.

NCR forms are widely used to this day. You’ll find a whole host of premade forms at your local office supply store.

UZ Marketing is now offering fully customizable NCR forms. Our forms allow you to put your branding on the paper, so when you give your customer their receipt, your logo will be on there.

UZ Marketing offers NCR forms in 8.5” 5.5” (half page) and 8.5”x11” (full page) sizes. 100, 250, and 500 quantities are available. You also have the choice of 2 ply or 3 ply. The duplicate two ply comes as white for the original and canary for the copy. The Triplicate three ply comes with white as the original, and canary and magenta as copies Turnaround is typically 5-7 business days for printing and 2-3 business days for shipping.



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