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Case Study on Easy Marketing platform, all in one marketing tools: Travel Agency

Being the CEO of a travel agency is a painful thing. Not only is the competition from other travel agencies killing, seasonal variations in demand, and frequent fuel hikes causes severe losses. Not to mention – recessions and long periods of economic uncertainty when people take shorter and ‘nearer-home’ vacations. To add to this, our customers who are mostly corporate employees are very hard to reach on phone, and promoting any special offer to them is extremely difficult.

Till one day, my friend – who owns a high-end boutique in Juhu – told me about UZMarketing’s Easy Marketing platform platform. He showed me how one single platform that combines various modes of communication like Mobile Text, Email, IM, Voice Broadcast and Social Media, can be leveraged effectively to reach …

SMS Marketing and the diverse marketing available with the Tools

SMS Marketing + All in one tools

Written by a Satisfied User of the All In One Marketing Tools

When I first read All-in-one Marketing’s promotion literature, I assumed it’s just another new-age Marketing Service. But when I signed up, and started using the services, I was pleasantly surprised. Being a small-enterprise owner, marketing our services involved multiple iterations over email, sms marketing, and telephonic conversations, and then connecting to our prospects on LinkedIn or Facebook, to replicate the discussions. Creating diverse messages that work in tandem with each other was also a challenge, and we were often suggested to create complex marketing campaigns for this. In addition to adding to our costs, such campaigns only tend to get long drawn. We were looking for something quick and inexpensive. 

That’s when we started using UZMarketing’s SMS Marketing + all in one platform. …

SMS marketing text messaging to reach your customers

Written by Neehar Mishra, a happy customer of the best SMS Marketing platform.

So you have this great, unique, out of the box business idea that you think will be a sure-shot hit. You have everything you need in place – capital, a team brimming with expertise and enthusiasm and, of course, your business acumen. Your brain-child  looks dressed for success and is raring to go. Now all you need is to go out there, let people know that you’ve arrived and convince them to use your product or service – the most crucial and dicey rung of the ladder – marketing and promotion. Crucial and dicey because no matter how brilliant your business idea may be, the way you go about marketing and promoting your product and how effectively you communicate with your prospective consumers is what makes or breaks your business.

In a world where new forms of media and communication …

Marketing company in Houston Revamps Operation

Marketing Company in Houston Upgrades Operation


Well, UZ marketing is a marketing company in Houston and has been up and running for a while. However, we decided to revamp our website and cater it more towards you, our valued clients. We value the relationship we have with our clients, and we pride ourselves in one thing- helping your business grow. That solely is our passion, and it is what drives our account team to keep working with you. When your business grows, we become a growing marketing company in Houston- that is how we see it. That being said, we have opened up a discussion for you, to learn how to market your business correctly. Businesses don’t always have cash-flow to invest readily on marketing materials, so we have provided you a place to learn marketing from friends willing to divulge the secrets of …

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