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What’s the difference between Standard Direct Mail and EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail?)

Posted on 21st December, by Karthik K. in Uncategorized. Comments Off on What’s the difference between Standard Direct Mail and EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail?)

There is a common question people have regarding the difference between these two mailing options. Direct mail and EDDM have two different purposes, although they seem the same at first glance.

What to know about Standard Direct Mail Postcards:

This is the classic mailing option. Postcards sent via Direct Mail are by default personalized, and are in the same mailing category as the postcards you would send a friend when abroad. Stick a stamp on one of these, and write the destination address on it, then drop it in the outgoing mailbox. The post office will take care of the rest. The primary difference between Standard Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail is that Standard Direct Mail requires you have your own list of recipients. Whether it be a list of your own customers or prospects, you must supply the destination of your postcards.

With direct mail postcards, make sure the return address is on the top left, and the space where you write the recipient’s address should ideally be white. Always choose matte or uncoated on the side you write on, as you can’t write on UV gloss! When choosing a size for direct mail, make sure you choose one acceptable by the post office.

Please refer to the post office guidelines for the most accurate information, as our information is based purely on what has worked for our own campaigns.

What to know about Every Door Direct Mail Postcards.

EDDM is for you if you want to saturate a specific area with your marketing. With EDDM, you can’t select individual recipients; rather, you select a USPS mail route within a zip code, and the postal worker will drop off your postcard to every home and/or business in that route. If you just opened a corner store, you can send a postcard to everyone in a 4 mile radius letting them know you’re open, and even send them a nice coupon! Or, if you’re running for office, you can send a letter requesting support to everyone in your jurisdiction.

One important thing to note, is the post office has different guidelines on size and weight class of EDDM postcards than standard direct mail. By default, all our EDDM postcards are produced in accordance with the post office standards, and the postcard sizes will indicate “EDDM eligible”


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