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Houston Marketing Jobs

Have you been considering a career at a marketing/advertising agency? Check out these Houston Marketing Jobs or Meet the Master Mind Team.

No company would be anything without its team. UZ Marketing is no different; our team is what drives the business machine. If you’re looking for Houston Marketing Jobs and are interested in becoming a part of the UZ Marketing team, please apply online. We’re open to all walks of life, so whether you think you have what it takes or not, feel free to apply. Some lucky candidates will be called in for an interview! After all, our team is here to make the business world a better place. Do you want to be a part of that? Check out the following Houston Marketing Jobs.

[expand title=”The Account Team ” rel=”job-highlander”]The Account team acts as a liaison between the client and the company. They are responsible for ensuring the success of each account (job) as well as the satisfaction of the client. The account team member in charge keeps in contact with the client very closely, usually daily, to seamlessly carry out the execution. The open positions are Account Executive, and Account Representative.

  • Houston Marketing Jobs – Account Executive – The A.E. handles all inside sales. It is up to the A.E. to communicate between the creative team and the client, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for everybody involved. The A.E. must have knowledge about the inside workings of UZ Marketing, including prices, products/services, and the processes of these products/services. It is not required to actually know how to create the products & services, but he/she should know how the process occurs. Of course, the A.E. is not expected to know everything when he/she starts, but needs to know how to professionally retrieve the information, and relay it to the client.
  • Houston Marketing Jobs – Account Representative – The A.R. handles all outside sales. This is the engine that drives our vehicle. Account Representatives go out to different businesses, and network with them. They are in charge of bringing in new clients, and closing sales, all the while maintaining a professional demeanor and providing high quality service. The A.R. sets up the orders, and sends it to the A.E.


[expand title=”The Creative Team ” rel=”job-highlander”]While the account team is the bread and butter of UZ Marketing, the creative team is the knife that spreads the butter on the bread. Our creative work is in the royal hands of our Creative Team. The account team and the creative team work together, with the client in mind to produce only the best creative pieces.

  • Graphic Designer –Houston Marketing Jobs include hire graphic designers to bring about intelligent art via digital suites. Every company needs a logo. These companies also need business cards, and even postcards- all of which need to be designed. Let’s face it. The days of text only cards are long gone. Now, it’s all about emotional impact. 35+ functions in a Graphic Design Suite is a must. Ability to work fast and in a team are musts.
  • Web Designer – Web designers are the fundamental real estate developers of the internet. As construction is for structures, web design is for websites. If we were a commercial real estate company, our properties will be sold in River Oaks, Memorial, and Sage/Piney Point. With that being said, the websites we put out are top notch. We never give a client cheap work. HTML5 and CSS3 is a must. Some programming is a plus. Mobile App coding will only benefit your cause.
  • Search Engine Optimizer – If web developers build structures, then how do people get to them? SEO’s build the roads and place the road signs to help people find these buildings. The SEO must know how to build robots.txt, re-write content to be keyword rich, adjust meta tags, and create titles. Backlink building is a must- NO SPAM! Only quality back links should be provided. Local Search Optimization expertise is a plus.


[expand title=”The Marketing Team ” rel=”job-highlander”]So far, UZ Marketing has an engine, bread &butter and a knife. So where does the Marketing team come in? To make an understatement, our marketing team is like ice sculpture artists. Chiseling away at the piece until out comes a refined, beautiful, product. Our Marketing team is in charge of marketing for UZ Marketing, not its clients.

Since marketing is such a broad field, go ahead and submit your information, and we’ll see if you could be a beneficial member of our team. No résumé goes unseen.

Check out the average salary for Houston Marketing Jobs.


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