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Search Engine Optimization FAQ for you! Read this to learn more

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What in the WORLD is Search Engine Optimization?

I have a website, isn’t that enough?!

 Chances are that if you own a business, you get cold calls all the time with a machine saying “press 1 to approve your Google Listing”. We sure do, and all the time. What they fail to realize is that we have a better SEO system than they do. In any case, you are probably wondering why you would even need SEO, right?

Let’s take this analogy into consideration. You have recently acquired some real estate in the middle of nowhere. It was dirt cheap, but you figure that you want to do something with it to make it generate income. So you put up a nice retail shop! The only problem is, there are no signs along the road pointing to your business, there’s nothing to let people know what you do and where you are. In fact, the roads to your shop isn’t even readily accessible. How do you expect to get business? This is the essence of SEO. Imagine the same analogy but with your internet business/presence. Without SEO (directions, signs), Search engines (roads) have no way of knowing to send traffic(customers) to your site. Pave the roads, build road signs, and let your potential customers know where you are and what you do! One of the problems in today’s era, is that businesses don’t even know they NEED search engine optimization. So why would a business get this service, if they don’t know what it is?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a way to manipulate your website so that machines and humans alike can easily access it. It entails keyword research, content writing, permalinks, alt tags, and plenty more mumbo jumbo that would serve us no good explaining. To put it simply, SEO is a Better Way To Get Found. Faster.

Why Organic SEO?

Organic search engine optimization relates to showing up on search engines without the use of paid advertisements. We love the term organic because it sounds more “green”.. And in the long run, that’s exactly what you’ll be saving and even multiplying! We all want green, right?

White? Black? Hats?!

It’s important for you to understand between white and black hat Search engine optimization, because if you’re unaware, you might be scammed out of your money! And for the record, we are a white hat seo company (we only use white hat methods). White hat is the ethical use of Search Engine Optimization, abiding to the Search Engine’s Best Practices! If you break any of Search Engine’s rules, you will be Black Listed … meaning you will be taken out of the Search Engines altogether. Black Hat techniques are spammy, and shortcuts that completely cut corners- in the long run will result in blacklisting, as search engines update their algorithm.

What am I paying for in your Search Engine Optimization services?

When people look at the price of Search engine optimization, they only see the cost of purchasing the service. What they fail to realize is the cost of NOT using the service! The cost of not being in the top 3 search results in Google means you’re missing 97% of potential customers. The cost of not building links is missing out on semi-automated credibility building for your website. 
You’re paying for a service that has a supremely high Return On Investment. We deliver results –not shortcuts.

Why does Search Engine Optimization take so long?
SEO is not an overnight process AT ALL. There’s no such thing as getting it done in a month, either. It’s an ongoing process, and if you stop doing it suddenly, you may not even see results. The quicker the process, the more you can be sure how spammy and black hat it is. Organic plants grow slowly, but surely and you can expect a quality product. Genetically Modified Plants are grown with shortcuts (bioengineering, chemical fertilizers, etc.) and the result is a body destroying product. Same concept with Organic Search engine optimization.
How much does SEO cost?

This question is impossible to answer without ascertaining certain information. We could say between $1,000 and $250,000 per month, but that doesn’t tell you, the customer, anything. We need to know what kind of SEO you want, how many keywords you want ranked, how many pages of content we need to re-write. Rest assured that the lower the cost of Search Engine Optimization, the higher the cost of using it. If you get a quote for $250 one time, the cost to get SEO is low, but the cost to have it could result in black-listing from search engines, due to the whole process being black hat. You get what you pay for.

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