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Why Custom Door Hangers Are Important For Businesses

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31st December

Custom Door Hangers Are Important

If you are a business or organization trying to generate new leads from the community or increase local sales, getting your message directly to the people you want to advertise to is important. Unfortunately direct mail can end up in the trash, television ad buys can be expensive, and people simply look past posters nowadays.

That’s where promotional door hangers come into play. Custom door hangers are simply what the name implies: advertisements that you can hang on the door of a business or residence. With online printing door hangers are extremely affordable and wholesale door hangers printing allows you to distribute your message to a lot of homes. Here is what you need to know about door hangers:

What Are The Benefits To Custom Door Hangers?

Not sure if advertising with custom door hangers is the right option …

Custom Bumper Stickers Printing for Cars

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30th December

Custom Bumper Stickers for Cars

The moment we hear the term ‘’Bumper Stickers’’ the first question which comes to our mind is, ‘’Who uses these bumper stickers?’’ Well if you are a small business owner trying to market your products or services and want the customer to remember about them once they are home, bumper stickers are what you should be looking for. Kids will paste the stickers on cupboards and doors, even if the parents don’t allow pasting them on the car. It will remind the satisfied buyers about your products or services all the time.

Benefits of using Custom Bumper Stickers

Strong Permanent Adhesive

In today’s world when nothing is long lasting, talking about something like strong permanent adhesive feels a little awkward, right? Well that’s not the case with our bumper stickers for cars. We use very good quality adhesive and …

Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to Blanket Your Area

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29th December

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Do you have a local business that serves a specific geographic area? Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to get a mailer out to every person who lives in your neighborhood? Every door direct mail (EDDM) is your answer.

To blanket a specific neighborhood, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) allows you to pick one or more postal carrier routes to mail to. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a USPS service where you supply the local office with the materials that meet their printing specifications and requirements. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is cheaper than traditional direct mailers, especially when you account for purchasing and maintaining a list and the time it takes to sort and label. The printing specs for Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) are very strict, and …

Custom Table Throws Can Throw Deepness and Classiness

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28th December

Custom Table Throws Printing

Custom Table Throws can throw deepness and classiness to an Otherwise plain looking room. Consider Custom Table Throws in your house – In fact what are they useful for? Although a few do serve an objective, others tend to be more for decor. This information will provide you with some great tips, and explain why you need to use these little-thought-of tips.

Tables are utilized for several different motives. You Might Have a sofa table sitting in front of your couch. Whatever It is not used, useful for sitting drinks, or for relaxing as a foot rest. Can it create any impact Whenever someone Comes in the room? Frequently, most of our stuff are not utilized to Their full benefit, leaving a room looking cold and empty.

Color selection can also add Custom Table Throws and vibrance to an …

The Goodness of Custom Floor Graphics Printing

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27th December

Good that Comes from Custom Floor Graphics Printing

Over the last few years, custom floor graphics printing have expanded and achieved recognition and fame. These custom floor signage have become a commanding, potent, and unique method of advertising. Marketing agencies endeavor to form new and fresh marketing campaigns that capture and seize utmost attention and long-lasting intuition and impression. Consequently, floor custom advertising creates a pioneering approach that uses different types of custom floor designs printing to advertise products and services and events of a company. This article gives an overview of the types of floor designs that most companies use as an advertising tool and technique.

How Can Custom Floor Graphics Promote Your Company?

Custom floor signage and floor stickers printing express and communicate an exclusive and splendid abstract art on all indoor and outdoor floors. Further, floor decals include and integrate …

Custom Flags Brighten Up Your Brand Indoors & Out

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26th December

Brighten up your brand indoors & out with Premium Custom Flags! is one of the best leading and top ranked firms that provide online custom flags services. If you need to get designed the cheap custom flag, you should seriously think about the services of UZ Marketing. They provide a range of services regarding designing your flags. They are highly skilled in custom flags. They pay utmost attention to the care of clients and what matters the most to them is the satisfaction level and positive feedback. Their reviews will tell readers which services they offer, about their expertise, professional designers and business management.

They have following services and their few characteristics regarding custom flags are as follows:
They are the best custom and cheap flag makers in your access. If you need services to get your flags and post cars designed, …

Promotional Products help brand your business

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25th December

Promotional Products increase customer loyalty!

Whether your company is large or small, our creativity as a team is here to help you build an optimal marketing solution. UZ Marketing is a nationwide (United States Base) business to business company, is dedicated to maintaining your brands integrity and delivering your order on time and on budget. Definitely you will find the best unique and perfect promotional products to fit your company’s branding needs. No doubt our top-notch customer services are unmatched in the industry, our priority is keeping you. Having our promotional printing service in place guaranteed you quality logoed products into your hands in a timely manner.

As a promotional printing company

We help startup and small businesses with their Branding and marketing Materials such as printing postal cards, business cards, mailers, etc… Show your company pride and develop a coordinated, professional look …

Suede Business Cards Engage Customers

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24th December

Use Suede Business Cards to Engage Your Customers!

As the name indicates, the suede business card is a sleek, smooth and attractive-looking card used for inviting a business and or an individual. It is thicker and livelier than the other business cards available in the market. As suede business cards are capable of rousing different kinds of luxurious feeling in people, these cards are used extensively as fashionable business cards. Businesses like to use smooth suede cards over the other business cards for their soft matte finishes, smooth surfaces and two times more thicknesses than average business cards.

A well-designed suede card can fulfil a number of promotional purposes like advertising, marketing, selling, etc. Soft suede business cards help businesses in branding and marketing products and services. It can promote your business, products, and USPs (Unique selling proposition) in the most …

Custom Stickers for Branding and Advertising your products and Services

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23rd December

Plan to brand with Custom Stickers?

There are a number of ways through which aspiring company owners tend to advertise their products and services. In the modern era, the extents to which you can spread the word about yourself, the skills that you excel at and can help people improve their businesses are larger than life. It is a known fact that the social media and the use of technology can easily bring a small business into limelight. However, these are the same platforms that many companies worldwide are using. The companies, who have already set themselves as the best in the global market, are the ones which are the most successful on the social media and their websites also get the most visits.

We understand that you have come with different visions and missions in the market. We believe in …

Custom Table Runner for Your Networking Events

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21st December

Step Up Your Networking Events With High Quality Custom Table Runner

At tradeshows and other networking events, every edge you can possibly have other the competition is essential. The more you’re seen and noticed, the more likely you are to generate new contacts, leads, or even sales at offline events. The cornerstone of having a great presence at events like these is having an eye-catching booth, and that all begins with a great table. With a branded custom table runner you can instantly add your brand to any event you’re at. Here’s what you need to know about imprinted custom table runners:

Increase Visibility

The more you’re seen, the more likely you are to generate new business for your company. To get seen you need to have your logo, branding and image out as much as possible. With custom printed table runners …

Custom Refrigerator Magnets Keep Customers Reminded

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18th December

Custom Refrigerator Magnets Will help remind your Customers to come back!

Do you think that fridge magnets are used just to add beauty to your dining area? If yes, you should know that, these days, customizable refrigerator magnets are available in the market that serve many purposes right from marketing a business to displaying important information to inviting friends and family for social gatherings like engagements and birthdays.

If you are a businessperson, entrepreneur, you could use custom fridge magnets for brand positioning and promoting your products and sales. You could give your customers and clients customizable fridge magnets; it may be a magnetic calendar or photo frame with the logo and tagline of your company. You should choose appropriate designs and pictures in order to give your custom refrigerator magnets a unique look that identifies with your brand and also helps …

Aluminum Signs are Great Indoor and Outdoor Signage

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18th December

Aluminum Signs are part of each one’s everyday life

They are very visible in just about anywhere, such as in streets, restaurants and stores. Aluminum Signs have always been part of our busy lives. This is one of the best way to lure customers. Aluminum Signs have different types, but all have one role to function with, which is to relay product messages and showcase business products or services.

One of the most sought after and common signs are posters. These kind of signs are smaller versions of those billboards seen in most major highways and busy streets. They normally convey attractive slogans and eye catching visuals. These posters are normally found in movie theaters, entrances, hallways, bobbies and more.

The truth is they are one of the most widely used kind of signage all over the world. Using signage such …

Satin Aqueous Printing Give a Glorious Sheen!

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18th December

Satin Aqueous Printing Give your Print Jobs a Glorious Sheen!

Until a few years back, printing a brochure meant using regular paper with white background and putting your product details to distribute along with newspapers. Local delivery boys were also hired to drop them at the door-steps of probable customers. The print media has evolved a lot from the days of Gutenberg and now there are various types of printings, which can attract the attraction of your customers.
Benefits of using Satin Aqueous Coating on your Brochures

Added Sheen

Studies show that within the first five seconds of holding the brochure, the reader decides on whether to read it further or put in the trash can. If you want a glossy sheen on your brochures, then we recommend you to use our widely used satin aqueous finish. These environment friendly brochures will surely attract …

Custom Tote Bags and Few Reasons Why

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18th December

Couple of reasons why your business must have printed custom tote bags?

Shopping bags are always good for business of retail and products but how about the idea of a printed tote bags for your business, especially a custom canvas tote bags.

Tote bags can yield your business popularity, fame and also returns in shape of money. Here are some reasons why you must use custom tote bags in your business:

Women always love it:

Women are crazier for shopping then men and so is their craziness about brands colors logos and custom tote bags. Even if they are not going for shopping and leaving their home with some stuff they like to put that into a beautiful custom tote bag. In this way the stuff remains safe and also psychologically they feel good to carry that. The reason for this likeness is the …

Custom Yard Signs Guerilla Marketing

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18th December

If you have actually chosen to advertise your business by using custom yard signs, you have actually made a fantastic choice. That being said, custom yard signs could be gotten in a variety of various materials, so it’s crucial that you investigate your options to pick the right one for your demands.

Option available for custom yard signs

Corrugated plastic signs

Corrugated plastic custom yard signs are excellent for interior and also outdoor usage when your customized sign is not planned to be long-term. Corrugated plastic is composed of two plastic confront with hollow plastic ‘flutes’ between to maintain the sign stiff. They are commonly made use of as yard signs for real estate agents; however have plenty of various other uses including election signs, small business marketing, and event signage, informative signs, outside menu boards, directional, trade shows, garage sales, yard signs, …

Silk Business Card Printing

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17th December

Custom Silk Business Card Printing

So you just recently started your business and you’re in competitive business market and you want to make up to your competitors. UZ Marketing has introduced one of its new service the “Silk Business Cards” printing. UZ Marketing Silk business cards offer a choice that includes a rich touch when experts are making their early introduction on a potential customer.

Why Silk Business Card Printing?

But why Silk Business cards? Rather than the normal matte business cards. Well the answer is quite simple, silk business card printing are new pattern developing in the market, it gives your business a professional touch. They are more durable than the normal business card. The sturdiness of silk business cards lets experts take the cards wherever they go to abstain from missing the chance to organize. These business cards are hard to …

Custom Invoices Speed Up Small Business

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17th December

Go ahead and print custom invoices for your business

Are you hitting a bottleneck while taking in customers’ orders? Do you ever have a line waiting for an order to be taken? Do you need to save manpower? Consider switching to full-color invoices, sales receipts, or carbonless 3-part custom invoices. If you take orders and money from customers, our custom printed carbonless forms in 2 or 3 parts are certain to help speed up customer orders.

How much work is it to process an order? Ever lose a form or information? With printing custom invoices, you will save you time scanning or photographing every business invoice, or printing out your copy to file. When you use full-color carbonless NCR forms (NCR stands for “no carbon required”), everything you or the customer writes creates 3 copies of the invoice or sales …

Pearl Metallic Business Cards Custom Printing

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17th December

Pearl Metallic Business Cards

Everyone desires a successful business. So many pains and efforts are required for a successful business. Marketing and advertising is a necessity and vital source for a successful business. There is an array of ways for marketing of any business. People prefer affordable and efficient marketing alternative. Nowadays many business organizations favor unique business cards such as Pearl Metallic Business Cards to help them stand out from their competition, giving them a branding edge.

Pearl Metallic Business Cards will help you stand out from the crowd

There has been a worth mentioning lift up in the use of Pearl cards. The common business cards has now urbanized into a visually exceptional and dominant marketing alternative. A pearl metallic business cards is alike in dimension and outline or shape with a 16pt uv coated or matte dull finish business card. …

Counter Cards Printing Are Efficient Pop Display

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17th December

Efficient Counter Cards Printing

Every business, corporate, and company needs to network to counteract the dry seasons, and also increase sales and attract more customers. Networking is the most effective and efficient platform that every business needs to use to create opportunities and make relationships with the right people, which guarantees and assures the increase in business. Every firm or corporate can prove and confirm to the fact that the majority of its dealing and transaction has come from previous relationships it has cultivated. Consequently, establishing relationships is needy and relies on first impersonations and impressions. Always, first impressions in networking leads and often results to oozing down of very significant and vital piece of the enigma known as the counter card.

Counter cards printing

The invention of Card Printers has changed the way many businesses function and precisely the printing of counter …

Plastic Business Cards; Top Reasons Why You Need One

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17th December

Custom Plastic Business Cards Printing

It is surprising to learn that a big majority of entrepreneurs focus too much on web promotion that they forget that the best tool of creating long-term business relationship is a simple swap of plastic business cards. Yes, you read that right. Plastic business cards are one of the most powerful yet often-ignore weapons in the weapon store of a business’s marketing division.

Truth Behind Practicality Of Business Cards
Business cards (like translucent plastic business cards, frosted plastic business cards, and 20pt plastic cards) are one of the best ways to present a good image of the company to potential clients, customers, and vendors. It does not matter whether you are running a small or big business or what line of operations, a business card is ideal to give others a clear idea of what your business …

Custom Brochure Printing Services

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17th December

Custom Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing Regularly have the effect between a business to some degree perceived and one that is effectively perceived and prescribed to others. Albeit most copiers will print brochures, it can be a hopeless affair to figure out what course the paper must face and which side must be up and how to position the layout on the printer.

Business owners who need to make tweaked brochure accessible must first choose whether they need to put their cash into ibuprofen for their developing uneasiness powered migraine, or an organization who prints Brochure as a business and who will as a rule not bolster into a cerebral pain.

UZ Marketing is one of those organizations that is resolved to make the custom and printing of brochure simple for the clients. One must first pick a format. Custom Brochure may …

Water Resistant Business Cards Maximize your Exposure

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16th December

Water Resistant Business Cards

EndurACE stock tend to evoke a greater and longer-lasting response amongst their viewers. Their attractive styles and designs make them an effective means of communication. Today, there is a huge variety cards that one can customize to best portray one’s products and services.

Unique Water Resistant Business Cards: An Effective Marketing Tool

Business card have been an essential tools for marketing one’s services. They reflect the nature of the business, besides providing other essential details to customers, associates and other related people. They are increasingly being preferred for the uniqueness they offer. Their varied colors, shapes, images and styles tend to attract more people and leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. Designer cards tend to stand out in a group and thus evoke a better and quicker response from the targeted audience.

Tips for Designing …

Custom Notepads DIY Printing Service

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16th December

Custom Notepads are functional print materials

That is why Custom Notepads are used as giveaways during events because of it’s utilitarian quality. Anyone can make use of Notepad. At work, stationary are useful during meetings, presentations and seminars as you can write down notes on these. At school, these can also be used by students for their to-do-lists. Aside from class assignments, they may have to do extra-curricular activities. Children can also find use in Custom Notepads for writing, doodling and sketching activities.

As you know kids would love to express themselves through these small activities, even if that means writing on walls or on their textbooks. If you are looking for a functional material that you can distribute during your next get-together or even a children’s party, you can make use of Custom Notepads. Notepads, moreover, can be crated on …

Akuafoil Business Cards Custom Printing

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16th December

Akuafoil Business Cards are an exceptionally appealing choice for any individual who needs their color foil business card to emerge

Besides, that Akuafoil Business Cards is accessible in an assortment of hues notwithstanding standard gold and silver – the open door for eye-popping, consideration snatching visuals is much more prominent.

Not at all like some other additional items, is foil stamped business card printing an alluring alternative that is accessible to everybody. That incorporates non configuration sorts. That is on account of it can be connected to for all intents and purposes any component on the card – even content for instance, so visual computerization abilities are not inexorably required.

Normally, metallic ink Akuafoil Business Cards are a cool, remarkable and appealing contrasted with standard 16pt UV Coated or Matte Dull Finish business cards. They depict a feeling of class and style that picture minded organizations …

Yard Signs – 7 Ways You Can Use For Marketing

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15th December

Custom Yard Signs Printing

Are you looking for cheap advertising solutions for your event or business? Are you looking to win an election campaign?  You need to put up temporary yard signs to advertise your local event, your business, your fundraiser, or political campaign.

Wherever you are, yard signs aka bandit signs can be found.  These corrugated signs that are stuck into the ground advertise political candidates, open houses, power washing, fundraising events, and festivals.  You can’t miss them when you’re driving around, especially when there’s a big election coming.

Also known as Bandit Signs, etc…

Sometimes known as lawn signs, bandit signs or placards, these yard signs are inexpensive color chloroplast signs that are affixed to the earth with long stakes.  Usually found in grass, gravel, the road shoulder, grassy meridians or triangles, parks, lawns, and other landscaped areas.

As attention-grabbers; yard signs, bandit signs …

Custom Greeting Cards Print Service

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15th December

Custom Greeting Cards Printing

Custom greeting cards have the ability to touch people’s lives. It can communicate at a more personal level and that makes it an indispensable tool. Marketing firms and public relations offices have focused on greeting cards and used it in several ways to create and forge connections.

Custom Greetings cards and Thank You Notes have great ability to establish or re-establish connections. It can do this and much more when it comes to building relationships and various contacts, such as your clients, business partners and suppliers. It can even be used to tap into potential markets and source out such responses.

Maximizing the Use of Custom Greeting Cards

Greeting cards have been used in numerable ways. For your marketing needs, you can use greeting cards to further your campaigns and strategies. It is one approach you can use …

Custom Envelopes Printing Services for Business

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15th December

Five reasons, why you should use Custom Envelopes in your business?

If you are running a business, School, Educational Institute, travel agency or any other organization or outlet you must use some good stationary for your messages and communication. The following situation will guide you for that.

You received something at your door step. Right that moment you were not there, some later time when you crossed your gate a document was there but you didn’t give it importance because it didn’t attract you. You might think that it’s an advertisement or something unimportant. However if the document was in a beautiful envelope It would attract you.

Custom Envelopes is your professional identity:

Custom printed business envelopes are a beautiful traditional way to introduce your business remotely to the receiver. When a person receives something with a blank envelope it doesn’t convey a …

Custom Calendar Printing Services

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15th December

A Custom Calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes.

This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months, and years. But this is not enough about Custom Calendar. Photos can also be added to calendars to customize them. Now Custom Calendar are not just only the part of your office stationary or a home item. But now calendars are playing a part in memorizing your moments as they consist of personalization of images. We offer all kinds of Custom Calendar including promotional calendar printing, custom photo calendar printing, bulk calendar PRINTING, bank calendar printing services. The best way to capture your year in memories to keep or share as a gift our calendars are fully customizable you can even add your own events or photos to the Custom Calendar grid. Our powerful design software …

Business Cards, Postcards and Flyers for Marketing your Business

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14th December

Business Cards, Postcards and Flyers for Marketing your Business!

In the business world, there are four M’s for success- Marketing, Manpower, Machine and Money. So every company that wants to succeed needs to concentrate on all these factors and be ahead of the competition. A survey shows that along with an effective advertisement, any business can do 25% better if the print media usage is appropriate. However, with the costs soaring up in every aspect of a product from its launch to capturing the market share, choosing a right business partner who can provide you with an inexpensive but effective solution is of prime importance. Business Cards, Postcards & Flyers are one of the most affordable yet effective means of marketing and even with the coming up of a number of new methods, they have not lost their value. While a …

Canvas Prints – Turnіng Anу Dеѕіgn Intо аn Artwоrk

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12th December

Not too many people know what the difference you can achieve with cheap canvas prints!

Canvas prints provides you with a look and feel that is highly different from glossy photo poster prints.

Custom canvas prints allow you to create a multitude of possibilities when you feel that the glossy print is limiting you. With canvas prints, you can easily turn your designs into actual works of art. You can easily transfer photo onto canvas without even lifting a paintbrush.

With our online printing services, you can adorn your walls with quality custom canvas prints. You can whip up any design or image that you have and have it printed by UZ Marketing into a custom mounted canvas. So you can fill any interiors with beautiful canvas prints that will truly brighten up any space.

Each one of us wish that the special moment …

Custom Business Cards Foil Accent

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12th December

Impress People in Your Network With A Striking Foil Accent Custom Business Cards!

Give an edge to your business with Foil Custom Business Cards. A custom business card serves as a great marketing tool and is the perfect means for anyone to contact your business. Foil Worx printing offers you attractive gold foil business cards, silver foil business cards and copper foil custom business cards at very affordable prices. It is important to impress people at the outset and a foil accent custom card is just right for this purpose.

They suit your communications and networking needs perfectly. With such card, your brand has a distinct look and the receiver remembers it long afterwards.

Make an impact through copper, silver, gold foil business card printing.

Foil accent custom cards are striking and immediately noticeable amongst others. Your unique custom business cards; allow your …

Thick Business Cards – Premium Edge Cards

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10th December

Generate More Business with Premium Thick business cards

In the digital age we live in mailing out a letter has been replaced by email and video conference calls have replaced meetings, but there is one traditional business practice that is never going to change: handing out 32 pt business cards when you make a new contact.

Business cards are not only a personal, effective direct marketing tool, they are the first look someone gets at your business so it is extremely important that your business card stands out. A simple way to do that is with high end Edge Cards. Edge Cards are thick 32 point business cards that feature a black colored edging to help your card stand out. Here are how they can help you generate more business:

Thick Business Cards Helps Stand Out From Your Competitors

If you are like …

Custom Banners Mean Big Promotions

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10th December

Are you looking to make a BIGGER impact on your customers?

Go large! Take your branding and messages to the next level with custom banners and large format 4-color printing and your prospects will get the message at a distance. It’s easier to seal the deal when your ideal prospect sees your signs and walks up to ask how to do business with you.

Modern banners are available in full color and support high quality images. You can put one up in your lobby and count on it looking great and delivering your message to visitors so that you don’t have to.

Our vinyl signs and banners bring you the flexibility for a pop-up brand. Take your signage to trade shows and roll it out to make your booth stand out at a distance. When you are setting up a tent at …

Election Campaign Promotional Items – Custom Political Printing

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9th December

Tips To Identify Successful Election Campaign Promotional Items – Advantages of Political Campaign Supplies

For the last many decades, the concept of using custom promotional products for promoting an election campaign has been doing the rounds. Giving away free gifts is an ideal marketing strategy for many political parties that want to find new followers and attract attention. Political campaign giveaways are used by different political parties to promote candidate recognition and goodwill. The best part is that it is easy and affordable to buy Election Campaign Promotional Items with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Election Campaign Promotional Items – What to Remember?

It is important for political parties and their think tanks to remember that identifying interesting and unique promotional items is the basic step to make the giveaways memorable. Giveaway campaigns are surely great to get people talk about …

Custom Event Tickets Printing – Stub out the Competitors

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9th December

Custom Event Tickets Printing

You don’t want to hold up in long lines any longer to purchase tickets of your most esteemed shows or occasions. Concert tickets printing has made it as a significant measure to purchase and offer tickets from the relief of your home or office. Numerous event ticketing companies have chosen online ticketing structure over its manual collaborator.

Online ticketing managing company from Custom Event Tickets Printing has helped a lot of businesses to amplify their sales and advertise their products, by making it simple for clients to buy event tickets and handle their events. UZ Marketing’s Online Event Tickets management has lot of benefits that can be enjoyed by both the customer and the businesses.

The real advantage of utilizing our online event ticketing system is that it can be obtained at any time and from anyplace. Party Tickets …

Large Full Color Posters Printing

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8th December

Large Full Color Posters Printing interest everyone’s eyes. They have been producing the purpose of attention or advertising and marketing any services or products. Many specialists work day and night to bring out lovely and appealing/creative posters for the business. Any message that a poster should share must be clear crystal. A complicated poster can fail to achieve its desired objective. Words in some cases fail to knock the door of the heart of individuals, yet posters make it feasible to take place.

Large posters can also be developed to duplicate well-known artwork and also people like to maintain them in their belongings as a recommendation to the famous creations. Large posters could likewise be academic in nature and also utilized by academic institutes to promote a message to all students. Few posters have likewise ended up being important throughout the …

Houston Logo Design… Survival of the hippest

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10th March

UZ Marketing is a Houston Logo Design Company

Full disclosure: This post is tooting our own horn.

UZ Marketing has been designing logos since 2010, and we have grown tremendously as a result. We’ve streamlined the process to an easy 5 step process.

Step 1. You buy, we fly

Identify the package that works best for your business. Do you know exactly what it is that you’re looking for? Bronze might be for you. Undecided and choosy? Choose Gold.

Step 2. Set the course

Fill out our creative design brief so we know which direction to take your logo. From color scheme, to shapes and ideas, your input will help us connect the dots and do what we do best – create.

Step 3. Turn Around

And we don’t mean go backwards. We’ll turn around the first round of proofs for your eyes to feast.

Step 4. Tune Up

We’ll go with …

Custom Window Decals Printing for Your Business

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5th March

Transparent Custom Window Decals Vinyl Printing

One of the best ways to take advantage of the windows you have on your storefront is to use Custom Window Decals Vinyl cling. These Custom Window Decals lets in natural light from outside as well as giving you the ability to see through the window. There are certain measures you’re going to want to take, to make sure the installation of your vinyl will last the longest possible time.

First of all, make sure you take into account the weather of your area before choosing the color scheme. Although black looks sleek, it might not be the best idea in southern Texas, when the summer sun is trapped in the black and heats the window, which in turn will make your store hotter. Consider using a lighter shade of grey or even white in that …

Car Magnets Custom Prints Advertising Effectiveness

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2nd March

Effectiveness of Car Magnets for Advertising

A lot of cars in the city nowadays are starting to catch on to the car magnet trend. Think about it. You’re sitting at a stop sign or a stop light, or even in bumper to bumper traffic. You do this twice every day, and more than likely 5 days a week. If you’re sitting in traffic, your eyes have probably wandered off to see something more interesting (unless you’re staring down the guy who cut you off). Many other people’s eyes wander like this as well, and businesses have taken advantage of this by using car magnets. If you make them look nice and attractive, you can turn your car into advertising space.

From generating new leads to creating brand awareness, car magnets can get your business in front of people easily. Make sure to …

What are the applications for Custom Sticker Printing?

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Stickers are a great way to encourage a growing fan base for your brand. If your customers really like what you have to offer, they can show their loyalty by getting some stickers of your brand and putting it on their items. If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ve probably noticed the drummer’s bass drum is covered in stickers. It’s a way for the drummer to show what he likes. Skateboarders also have been known to cover the bottom of their board with stickers of their favorite brands and bands. Think of it essentially the same way that Facebook’s “like” system works.

Stickers are also frequently used on food packaging. If you’ve ever been to your local coffee roaster, you’ll find that they use a specific bag for preserving coffee beans with a sticker pasted on it describing what kind …

Brochure Templates Printing to Effectively Market Your Business

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Custom Using Brochure Templates Printing

Supplemental information about your product or service can be critically beneficial (“clutch”) during the moment your client is making his/her decision on whether or not to purchase from you. Also known as leaflets, brochure templates printing designs are a great way to fill your customer in on the fine print of your business.

Before getting started with the custom brochure process, you need to know what your goals are for the brochures. Do you want it to be informative to your customers after they purchase your product? Is it an additional promotional material sent prior to purchasing your product?

Once you have the goals firmly laid out, it’s time to start writing your copy. Saturating your paper real estate with all the text you can possibly fit isn’t always the best idea. It could overwhelm your reader, and …

Using Custom Bookmarks as Successful Marketing Products

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Bookmarks are a novel way to create postcards and send them to your target audience. Whether you send them to existing clients, or pass them out to prospective ones, bookmarks are great because they are postcards that double up as an item that has practical application to people. There are all sorts of creative things you can put on bookmarks. I’ve seen a local club put a calendar of all their events and meetings on bookmarks. Other companies have used the bookmark as tickets to an event.

You also can put special offers for your business on a bookmark as well, thereby turning it into an effective coupon.

Creative Die cut Bookmarks

It also goes without saying, that if you’re a published author, you can include a bookmark with your books to keep your name at the front of your reader’s …

What’s the Difference Between EDDM and Direct Mail? EDDM vs Direct Mail

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23rd February

Difference Between EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) and Direct Mail – The primary difference between EDDM and Classic Direct Mail is the audience that receives it. EDDM is more location based targeting, in that you choose particular USPS routes that mail carriers take, and hit every door via direct mail. This option is effective if you’re looking for an area targeted blast, especially if you have a storefront located in the vicinity of the area you choose. You can also select the zip codes to send the cards out in.

One of the main benefits for using EDDM is that it’s cheap in postage, and you can send it out to an entire area. That means maximum exposure to your brand, and its term in the industry is referred to as “saturation mail”. EDDM is also far easier to put into …

What’s All the Hype about Silk Laminated Business Cards?

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21st February

Silk Laminated Business Cards

As we all know, business cards are perhaps the first representation to your company that your potential audience sees. You have a very short window of opportunity to make sure your brand is recognized in a positive manner. It seems like every year or so, the printing industry upgrades to a new standard. You may well remember the days when raised black ink printing on a woven fabric card was the big thing. Today, that card style is far beyond obsolete. 12 pt Cardstock business cards started infiltrating the market, and that became the “latest and greatest” style. From 12 pt cardstock, we saw 14 pt cardstock and then more recently, 16 pt cardstock introduced to the market.

Now, we have a new set of materials for business cards, one of them being Silk Laminated Business Cards. Silk …

The Effectiveness of Yard Sign Marketing

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18th February

What are the effectiveness of yard sign marketing? You’ve no doubt seen Corrugated Signs also known as Coroplast Signs littered in lawns and streets during election time. They are a very cost effective way to market, whether it is for political campaigns or for local businesses. In fact, for a brand new startup, these signs can be very effective when combined with other forms of marketing such as flyers and a website.

Perhaps the biggest impact of yard signs is brand recognition. Having a sign that says “Roofing Service Call 1(800)-800-1800” is fine and dandy, but it doesn’t have something recognizable in case a potential customer decides to call you at a later time. When you have your logo and color scheme tied in with a targeted direct mail campaign, you have a better chance of being remembered and called later …

An Introduction To Carbonless NCR Forms

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A Short Introduction to Carbonless NCR Forms

Most of us remember the days when we needed a carbon paper to make or receive copies of invoices and receipts. A growing trend is the use of NCR Forms or Carbonless Copy Paper.

NCR Forms

NCR Stands for No Carbon Required, which is a word play on the company that developed the technology: National Cash Register. The underside of NCR forms are covered by a sheet of encapsulated ink, so that when the pressure of a writing utensil is being used on top, the encapsulated inks essentially breaks and follows the trail of the writer onto the sheet below it. The sheet below is coated with a reactive clay layer, which catalyzes a reaction between the encapsulated ink and leaves a permanent mark identical to the mark made on the top sheet.


Designing Your Own Graphics for Printing, And What You Should Know

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When it comes to commercial printing, there are a few things you should know before you have a design made. Most commercial printers, including UZ Marketing, request the files you send to be in print ready format – JPG, PDF, or PNG. Some companies also accept Publisher files and PSD’s, but your best bet is to have it in print ready format. What does that mean? Well print ready means that the size of the image is specified to size the printer is going to print and cut. For example, a standard business card is 2” x 3.5”. Most printers use a 1/8” inch of bleed margin, so the total size of the business card design should be 2.125” x 3.625”.

This image signifies which specs you should use when configuring dimensions on photoshop

Another important thing to note is …

What is UV Coating & Matte Dull finish?

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17th February

UV Coating & Matte Dull finish

Before today’s generation of printing equipment, business cards all pretty much looked the same. They were printed on a white woven stock, and had raised black ink lettering. Today’s standards are a little bit different, with the advent of aqueous and UV coating. The coating process is performed after printing, but before cutting. The cardstock is uncoated by default, as you could probably guess. The various coating is explained below.

What is UV Coating?

UV Coating is named the way it is because the liquid coating is dried onto the cardstock via ultraviolet light. UV coating has the highest sheen and reflectivity to it. It’s important to note that it’s not possible to write on UV coated prints.

UV Coat is also water resistant (but not waterproof!). That’s part of the reason nightclubs take advantage of UV coat …

The Difference between 16Pt and 14pt Business Cards

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With all the different printing options available these days, it’s easy to get lost in making a decision. “Should I get UV Coat or AQ Gloss?” “12, 14, 16 pt?” “What’s the difference between 16pt and 14pt business cards?”

Today I will be discussing business cards in particular, and what the major difference in application is between 14 and 16 pt.

Is 16pt or 14pt better?

Overall, the answer is definitely 16pt business cards, for a few simple reasons:

The added thickness gives it firmness when held in your hand. It can handle a little more handling abuse than the 14pt card, and will have less of a chance of bending or creasing in someone’s wallet. 14pt is not flimsy per se, but it is not as sturdy. Visually, it is very hard to tell the difference, but if you put a 14pt business …

Using EDDM to send coupons to your (potential) consumers

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EDDM is a great tool that’s been continuing to rise in popularity over the past few years. Thanks to the United States Postal Service offering a new method of distribution, businesses are now able to send postcards to select parts of the city without the need for a mailing route. The cost of postage for Every Door Direct Mail is far below standard postage rates, so that makes it even better for the thrifty entrepreneur.

When designing your postcard, you’re going to want to keep a couple things in mind.

What is your desired result so that you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaign? Perhaps the most common intent of postcard campaigns is to advertise a set of products or services. If that’s the route you’d like to go, dedicate one side to the advertisement, and the other side to your …

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