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Car Magnets Custom Prints Advertising Effectiveness

2nd March

Effectiveness of Car Magnets for Advertising

A lot of cars in the city nowadays are starting to catch on to the car magnet trend. Think about it. You’re sitting at a stop sign or a stop light, or even in bumper to bumper traffic. You do this twice every day, and more than likely 5 days a week. If you’re sitting in traffic, your eyes have probably wandered off to see something more interesting (unless you’re staring down the guy who cut you off). Many other people’s eyes wander like this as well, and businesses have taken advantage of this by using car magnets. If you make them look nice and attractive, you can turn your car into advertising space.

From generating new leads to creating brand awareness, car magnets can get your business in front of people easily. Make sure to …

What are the applications for Custom Sticker Printing?

Stickers are a great way to encourage a growing fan base for your brand. If your customers really like what you have to offer, they can show their loyalty by getting some stickers of your brand and putting it on their items. If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ve probably noticed the drummer’s bass drum is covered in stickers. It’s a way for the drummer to show what he likes. Skateboarders also have been known to cover the bottom of their board with stickers of their favorite brands and bands. Think of it essentially the same way that Facebook’s “like” system works.

Stickers are also frequently used on food packaging. If you’ve ever been to your local coffee roaster, you’ll find that they use a specific bag for preserving coffee beans with a sticker pasted on it describing what kind …

Brochure Templates Printing to Effectively Market Your Business

Custom Using Brochure Templates Printing

Supplemental information about your product or service can be critically beneficial (“clutch”) during the moment your client is making his/her decision on whether or not to purchase from you. Also known as leaflets, brochure templates printing designs are a great way to fill your customer in on the fine print of your business.

Before getting started with the custom brochure process, you need to know what your goals are for the brochures. Do you want it to be informative to your customers after they purchase your product? Is it an additional promotional material sent prior to purchasing your product?

Once you have the goals firmly laid out, it’s time to start writing your copy. Saturating your paper real estate with all the text you can possibly fit isn’t always the best idea. It could overwhelm your reader, and …

What’s All the Hype about Silk Laminated Business Cards?

21st February

Silk Laminated Business Cards

As we all know, business cards are perhaps the first representation to your company that your potential audience sees. You have a very short window of opportunity to make sure your brand is recognized in a positive manner. It seems like every year or so, the printing industry upgrades to a new standard. You may well remember the days when raised black ink printing on a woven fabric card was the big thing. Today, that card style is far beyond obsolete. 12 pt Cardstock business cards started infiltrating the market, and that became the “latest and greatest” style. From 12 pt cardstock, we saw 14 pt cardstock and then more recently, 16 pt cardstock introduced to the market.

Now, we have a new set of materials for business cards, one of them being Silk Laminated Business Cards. Silk …

Using EDDM to send coupons to your (potential) consumers


EDDM is a great tool that’s been continuing to rise in popularity over the past few years. Thanks to the United States Postal Service offering a new method of distribution, businesses are now able to send postcards to select parts of the city without the need for a mailing route. The cost of postage for Every Door Direct Mail is far below standard postage rates, so that makes it even better for the thrifty entrepreneur.

When designing your postcard, you’re going to want to keep a couple things in mind.

What is your desired result so that you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaign? Perhaps the most common intent of postcard campaigns is to advertise a set of products or services. If that’s the route you’d like to go, dedicate one side to the advertisement, and the other side to your …

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