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Car Magnets Custom Prints Advertising Effectiveness

2nd March

Effectiveness of Car Magnets for Advertising

A lot of cars in the city nowadays are starting to catch on to the car magnet trend. Think about it. You’re sitting at a stop sign or a stop light, or even in bumper to bumper traffic. You do this twice every day, and more than likely 5 days a week. If you’re sitting in traffic, your eyes have probably wandered off to see something more interesting (unless you’re staring down the guy who cut you off). Many other people’s eyes wander like this as well, and businesses have taken advantage of this by using car magnets. If you make them look nice and attractive, you can turn your car into advertising space.

From generating new leads to creating brand awareness, car magnets can get your business in front of people easily. Make sure to …

What are the applications for Custom Sticker Printing?

Stickers are a great way to encourage a growing fan base for your brand. If your customers really like what you have to offer, they can show their loyalty by getting some stickers of your brand and putting it on their items. If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ve probably noticed the drummer’s bass drum is covered in stickers. It’s a way for the drummer to show what he likes. Skateboarders also have been known to cover the bottom of their board with stickers of their favorite brands and bands. Think of it essentially the same way that Facebook’s “like” system works.

Stickers are also frequently used on food packaging. If you’ve ever been to your local coffee roaster, you’ll find that they use a specific bag for preserving coffee beans with a sticker pasted on it describing what kind …

Using Custom Bookmarks as Successful Marketing Products

Bookmarks are a novel way to create postcards and send them to your target audience. Whether you send them to existing clients, or pass them out to prospective ones, bookmarks are great because they are postcards that double up as an item that has practical application to people. There are all sorts of creative things you can put on bookmarks. I’ve seen a local club put a calendar of all their events and meetings on bookmarks. Other companies have used the bookmark as tickets to an event.

You also can put special offers for your business on a bookmark as well, thereby turning it into an effective coupon.

Creative Die cut Bookmarks

It also goes without saying, that if you’re a published author, you can include a bookmark with your books to keep your name at the front of your reader’s …

An Introduction To Carbonless NCR Forms

A Short Introduction to Carbonless NCR Forms

Most of us remember the days when we needed a carbon paper to make or receive copies of invoices and receipts. A growing trend is the use of NCR Forms or Carbonless Copy Paper.

NCR Forms

NCR Stands for No Carbon Required, which is a word play on the company that developed the technology: National Cash Register. The underside of NCR forms are covered by a sheet of encapsulated ink, so that when the pressure of a writing utensil is being used on top, the encapsulated inks essentially breaks and follows the trail of the writer onto the sheet below it. The sheet below is coated with a reactive clay layer, which catalyzes a reaction between the encapsulated ink and leaves a permanent mark identical to the mark made on the top sheet.


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