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Using Custom Bookmarks as Successful Marketing Products

Bookmarks are a novel way to create postcards and send them to your target audience. Whether you send them to existing clients, or pass them out to prospective ones, bookmarks are great because they are postcards that double up as an item that has practical application to people. There are all sorts of creative things you can put on bookmarks. I’ve seen a local club put a calendar of all their events and meetings on bookmarks. Other companies have used the bookmark as tickets to an event.

You also can put special offers for your business on a bookmark as well, thereby turning it into an effective coupon.

Creative Die cut Bookmarks

It also goes without saying, that if you’re a published author, you can include a bookmark with your books to keep your name at the front of your reader’s …

Marketing company in Houston Revamps Operation

Marketing Company in Houston Upgrades Operation


Well, UZ marketing is a marketing company in Houston and has been up and running for a while. However, we decided to revamp our website and cater it more towards you, our valued clients. We value the relationship we have with our clients, and we pride ourselves in one thing- helping your business grow. That solely is our passion, and it is what drives our account team to keep working with you. When your business grows, we become a growing marketing company in Houston- that is how we see it. That being said, we have opened up a discussion for you, to learn how to market your business correctly. Businesses don’t always have cash-flow to invest readily on marketing materials, so we have provided you a place to learn marketing from friends willing to divulge the secrets of …

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