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Tag: Product Comparisons

What’s the Difference Between EDDM and Direct Mail? EDDM vs Direct Mail

23rd February

Difference Between EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) and Direct Mail – The primary difference between EDDM and Classic Direct Mail is the audience that receives it. EDDM is more location based targeting, in that you choose particular USPS routes that mail carriers take, and hit every door via direct mail. This option is effective if you’re looking for an area targeted blast, especially if you have a storefront located in the vicinity of the area you choose. You can also select the zip codes to send the cards out in.

One of the main benefits for using EDDM is that it’s cheap in postage, and you can send it out to an entire area. That means maximum exposure to your brand, and its term in the industry is referred to as “saturation mail”. EDDM is also far easier to put into …

What’s All the Hype about Silk Laminated Business Cards?

21st February

Silk Laminated Business Cards

As we all know, business cards are perhaps the first representation to your company that your potential audience sees. You have a very short window of opportunity to make sure your brand is recognized in a positive manner. It seems like every year or so, the printing industry upgrades to a new standard. You may well remember the days when raised black ink printing on a woven fabric card was the big thing. Today, that card style is far beyond obsolete. 12 pt Cardstock business cards started infiltrating the market, and that became the “latest and greatest” style. From 12 pt cardstock, we saw 14 pt cardstock and then more recently, 16 pt cardstock introduced to the market.

Now, we have a new set of materials for business cards, one of them being Silk Laminated Business Cards. Silk …

What is UV Coating & Matte Dull finish?

17th February

UV Coating & Matte Dull finish

Before today’s generation of printing equipment, business cards all pretty much looked the same. They were printed on a white woven stock, and had raised black ink lettering. Today’s standards are a little bit different, with the advent of aqueous and UV coating. The coating process is performed after printing, but before cutting. The cardstock is uncoated by default, as you could probably guess. The various coating is explained below.

What is UV Coating?

UV Coating is named the way it is because the liquid coating is dried onto the cardstock via ultraviolet light. UV coating has the highest sheen and reflectivity to it. It’s important to note that it’s not possible to write on UV coated prints.

UV Coat is also water resistant (but not waterproof!). That’s part of the reason nightclubs take advantage of UV coat …

The Difference between 16Pt and 14pt Business Cards

With all the different printing options available these days, it’s easy to get lost in making a decision. “Should I get UV Coat or AQ Gloss?” “12, 14, 16 pt?” “What’s the difference between 16pt and 14pt business cards?”

Today I will be discussing business cards in particular, and what the major difference in application is between 14 and 16 pt.

Is 16pt or 14pt better?

Overall, the answer is definitely 16pt business cards, for a few simple reasons:

The added thickness gives it firmness when held in your hand. It can handle a little more handling abuse than the 14pt card, and will have less of a chance of bending or creasing in someone’s wallet. 14pt is not flimsy per se, but it is not as sturdy. Visually, it is very hard to tell the difference, but if you put a 14pt business …

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