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The Difference between 16Pt and 14pt Business Cards

Posted on 17th February, by Quan Luu in On Our Mind. Comments Off on The Difference between 16Pt and 14pt Business Cards

With all the different printing options available these days, it’s easy to get lost in making a decision. “Should I get UV Coat or AQ Gloss?” “12, 14, 16 pt?” “What’s the difference between 16pt and 14pt business cards?”

Today I will be discussing business cards in particular, and what the major difference in application is between 14 and 16 pt.

Is 16pt or 14pt better?

Overall, the answer is definitely 16pt business cards, for a few simple reasons:

The added thickness gives it firmness when held in your hand. It can handle a little more handling abuse than the 14pt card, and will have less of a chance of bending or creasing in someone’s wallet. 14pt is not flimsy per se, but it is not as sturdy. Visually, it is very hard to tell the difference, but if you put a 14pt business card in your left hand and a 16pt business card in your right hand, you will be able to feel the difference.

What is the application for your business card?

This may seem like a trick question, but it’s one to consider. 2×3.5 is the standard business card size, but the application can be different, depending on your needs. Occasionally, people with restricted budgets use 2×3.5 as flyers/handouts rather than for exchanging contact information. For the standard purpose of business cards, which is to exchange contact information, 16pt will certainly be a better fit, as per the description above.

Now we get to the most important question. What do the numbers say?

Most companies charge a fee for upgrading to 16pt. At UZ Maqketing, we believe it should be a very affordable option, as we foresee 16pt becoming the universal standard for business cards. For this reason, the upgrade from 14pt to 16pt is FREE.

Order 16 pt business cards today!




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