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Thick Business Cards – Premium Edge Cards

Posted on 10th December, by Quan Luu in Printing. Comments Off on Thick Business Cards – Premium Edge Cards

Generate More Business with Premium Thick business cards

In the digital age we live in mailing out a letter has been replaced by email and video conference calls have replaced meetings, but there is one traditional business practice that is never going to change: handing out 32 pt business cards when you make a new contact.

Business cards are not only a personal, effective direct marketing tool, they are the first look someone gets at your business so it is extremely important that your business card stands out. A simple way to do that is with high end Edge Cards. Edge Cards are thick 32 point business cards that feature a black colored edging to help your card stand out. Here are how they can help you generate more business:

Thick Business Cards Helps Stand Out From Your Competitors

If you are like us, you probably have a stack of UV Coated or Matte/Dull Finish business cards you have received from other people sitting on your desk or tucked away in your drawer somewhere. The vast majority of those cards are probably thin white stock paper with a business name and contact information – that’s it. While the bare minimum can be effective, cards that all look the same tend to get pushed to the side and forgotten about.

With premium Edge thick business cards, your card—just like your business—stands out amongst everyone else. By utilizing luxury business cards printing such as Silk Laminated Business Cards and Edge Cards, your card will be thicker so it naturally stands out, but the colored edge makes it look unique in a stack of other cards. While other businesses’ cards are simply thin white lines in a pile, colored edge business cards are a thick black streak that demands attention.

Thick Business Cards 32pt

High Presentation Value

The first moment you present your card to a new contact is crucial. By handing out coloured edge business cards the increased presentation value is instantly noticed. Because the edges have to be wide enough to be painted, an Edge Card has a slightly heavier weight in the hand which adds a sense of quality. It is unique cards which stand out to your contacts and with unique business card printing you increase the chance that your contacts show off your cards their own contacts which increases your networking exponentially.

Extra Thickness Means Extra Durability

If you are going to buy business cards, you don’t want them to simply get destroyed a few days after they are handed out because they are flimsy and cheap. With luxury business cards printing of premium Edge Cards, each card has two layers of ultra-bright card stock placed against a thick black core that transform your cards from ordinary paper into durable, world class business cards. The sturdy design of this type of card means there’s less chance the card gets bent, there’s no risk of the cards losing their quality due to weather or humidity levels, and the quality lasts even after you give them out.

Get In Touch With UZ Marketing Today

No matter what type of business you own, having premium, memorable Edge business cards that stand out is an effective way to generate new customers and establish new relationships. At UZ Marketing we have years of experience providing unique business card printing services to satisfied businesses just like yours. If you’re ready to present your business in the best way possible, click here to order your first set of painted edge business cards today.

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