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Water Resistant Business Cards Maximize your Exposure

Custom Prints Water Resistant Business Cards
Posted on 16th December, by Quan Luu in Printing. Comments Off on Water Resistant Business Cards Maximize your Exposure

Water Resistant Business Cards

EndurACE stock tend to evoke a greater and longer-lasting response amongst their viewers. Their attractive styles and designs make them an effective means of communication. Today, there is a huge variety cards that one can customize to best portray one’s products and services.

Unique Water Resistant Business Cards: An Effective Marketing Tool

Business card have been an essential tools for marketing one’s services. They reflect the nature of the business, besides providing other essential details to customers, associates and other related people. They are increasingly being preferred for the uniqueness they offer. Their varied colors, shapes, images and styles tend to attract more people and leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. Designer cards tend to stand out in a group and thus evoke a better and quicker response from the targeted audience.

Water Resistan Business Cards

Tips for Designing Water Resistant Business Cards

Good Water Resistant Business Cards designs are those that are designed keeping in mind the nature of the the service. A card for a business catering to children’s needs has to be different from the one catering to older people. Similarly, a card has to be designed in accordance with the industry or segment to which it caters to and should reflect the services being provided.

Other essential features to keep in mind while choosing Water Resistant Business Cards include:

  • A card should stand out in the crowd but not be so “out of the box” to be totally ignored or thrown out.
  • These cards can have two or three variants catering to different types of clients and their information requirements.
  • The paper and ink used should be good and durable and if needed, water resistant.
  • The use of taglines or logos that help the viewer identify the service and it’s nature should be included.
  • Appropriate colors, logos, images need to be used to make the card look attractive and not overcrowded.
  • Choose the best paper for your business card

    Getting a business card that will give a lasting image and good impression to your clients and potential clients helps boost the level of success to your marketing strategy. This in turn increases the rates of return for your business. This lasting impression can be created by the type of printing paper you use for your business cards. There are many types of papers in the market to choose from. They depend on their finish, thickness, size and weight. Just make sure you get one that will work for you.

    There are classic papers and elegant ones ranging in different colors and made of different materials. The paper size or the thickness says a lot about the durability of the card. The standard thickness is 14pt and 16pt. There is the ivory paper of superior quality and lasts long and does not have additional coating. It has a classy look that enhances style. There is handmade paper that can be from silk, jute cotton or petals of any natural source. It is expensive compared to the other types. The untearable paper is waterproof and can be used frequently because of it’s hard texture. The art paper can be given a glossy finish to improve the look; the textured paper is used to give a sophisticated look and the flamboyant fluorescent papers gives the business cards more vibrant appealing look.

    There is the smooth without any coating, laid that has textured lines on the surface, coated or one with waxy finish, offset paper that is thinner and lighter in weight and cover paper that are heavy and note easily folded.

    UZ Marketing offers a large variety of 100% carbon neutral printing of designer cards; not only offers design and printing services, but also offers the options of using their online design design studio. Clients can upload their own images or even use an existing design for development of their new water resistant business card design.

    Looking for printing solutions? UZ Marketing provides business card printing as well as full color printing solutions throughout USA at an affordable price. Most of our products come with Free Shipping and Handling

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