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What’s All the Hype about Silk Laminated Business Cards?

Silk Laminated Business Cards
Posted on 21st February, by Quan Luu in On Our Mind. Comments Off on What’s All the Hype about Silk Laminated Business Cards?

Silk Laminated Business Cards

As we all know, business cards are perhaps the first representation to your company that your potential audience sees. You have a very short window of opportunity to make sure your brand is recognized in a positive manner. It seems like every year or so, the printing industry upgrades to a new standard. You may well remember the days when raised black ink printing on a woven fabric card was the big thing. Today, that card style is far beyond obsolete. 12 pt Cardstock business cards started infiltrating the market, and that became the “latest and greatest” style. From 12 pt cardstock, we saw 14 pt cardstock and then more recently, 16 pt cardstock introduced to the market.

Silk Laminated Business Cards

Now, we have a new set of materials for business cards, one of them being Silk Laminated Business Cards. Silk Laminated Business Cards cardstock is generally available in 10pt and 15pt. The silk laminate provides an additional layer of durability to the cards, which extends the lifespan of your business card. It’s tolerant to a little bit more wear and tear, and it’s a little bit more difficult to tear up and bend at the edges than previous generation cardstocks and coatings.

A great part about silk laminate is that you can actually write on it. It’s virtually impossible to write with a pen on a UV coated card, and it’s harder than average on a card with Aqueous coating.

You may have noticed that with glossy coated cards, your hands will leave fingerprints on the card, along with other oils and residues. The cards will also stay individual and won’t stick together when they come into close contact with each other.

So overall, the advantages of silk laminate are pretty great. They’re long lasting, durable, and their appearance is congruent in today’s standards of what’s “in”.

See UZ Marketing’s Silk Business Card Printing Page to purchase your set today.

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