5 Essential Marketing Materials for Fencing Companies

Here are 5 popular marketing products you will need to get the word out.

We only get one first impression. Make sure your first impression is your best impression with our high quality marketing and branding materials for your fencing business.

Door Hangers are a great way to gain new leads and land jobs in specific areas. Hang them up on your lunch break to neighboring houses, or get a small group of people to cover a neighborhood in just a few hours! We guarantee you'll be pulling in new leads in no time!

Door Hanger Tips:

  • Offer a coupon
  • Include your website, phone number and Social Media
  • Keep branding consistant with other print materials you may have or your website

Yards signs are useful tools built to grab attention and bring in new leads.

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Yard Sign Tips:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make text as large as possible without distorting type
  • Don't stray to far from industry colors

Professional Uniforms are very important when attempting to acquire new business. How you present yourself and your business is very important in your success. A nice clean logo embroidered or printed t-shirt shows that you mean business.

Professional Uniform Tips:

  • Color of short should match with your branding. 
  • High quality materials only.
  • Logo should be large enough to se but not too large.

Most Popular Professional Uniforms:

Need a Professional Uniform? For your convenience, we offer several different qualities and colors of professional uniforms to fit your branding needs. Simply click on the type of uniform you require below.

Vehicle Magnets are a simple way to get your name out there. While sitting in traffic countless eyes will gravitate towards your vehicle normally. Why not take advantage and give them something to look at. Your next potential 100 clients can be waiting at the next several red lights with you!

Vehicle Magnet Tips:

  • Simple colors allow for text to be read easily. 
  • Bold fonts.
  • Stick to just what you do and a phone number.

Business cards have been a staple for years for those serious about their startup. Business cards are very powerful advertising vehicles that hold all the vital information for potential clients to get in contact with you should they ever need your services.

Business Card Tips:

  • Apply the K.I.S.S rule. Keep It Simple Sexy.
  • Include all vital information to contact you.
  • Eye catching designs are a plus.

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