Meet Our Managing Team

No matter what, UZ Marketing would be nothing without our customers! 

Each day we work diligently to provide exceptional value to our services, and to make the people we hold dear happy at all times. We are committed to paving a way through innovation in this growing industry just like you are as business owners. We vow to provide the best service possible while also having competitive prices on all products. With these goals in mind, we will do everything in our power to set the bar high for you and print companies alike. 


Quan Luu

CEO & Founder


Karthik Ramaswamy



MariaPaula Ramaswamy

Operations Executive


Jamie Carollo 

Sales Coordinator



Maribel Moreno

Floor Manager



Sohaib Qureshi

Marketplace Manager



Tohid Chavoshi

Facility and IT Manager


Justin Lee

Marketing Manager


Meet The Rest of Our Team

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