We reserve the right to update and revise this Support Ticket Policy without prior notice to reflect changes in our policies, services and/or in response to our customers' feedback. Please make sure that you review it frequently as any time you place an order with UZ Marketing the current Support Ticket Policy will apply. 

We guarantee that our printed products will not contain manufacturing defects in accordance with industry standards. Our guarantee covers the product until arrival. Once the product is used, there are factors outside of our control that may impact the quality and efficacy of the printed product. Therefore, our guarantee does not cover the product after it is used.

Support Ticket System

If you believe your order does not meet quality standards or is defective, you may create a support ticket through your account via our support system, found on the top right corner of the order. Please submit all relevant pictures and ensure that you keep all original packaging until a resolution has been provided. If an order has not yet been approved, the support ticket can be created from the approval screen.

If you believe your print job is defective, please contact UZ Marketing via the online support system, within sixty (60) business days of placing and receiving your order. If you do not contact us within this timeframe we will assume that your job was satisfactory upon receipt and will be under no obligation to provide a refund or reprint. Once you have contacted us, we will then have up to one to three (1-3) business days, if the investigation is required, to determine if a reprint or refund is appropriate, or to advise you that more information is needed to process your inquiry. If we request additional information to verify an inquiry and it is not provided within a reasonable time, we will be under no obligation to provide a refund or reprint. If we determined that a product is in fact defective or has not otherwise met our obligations, one of the following two resolutions will be offered: 

  1. We will reprint the print job with once all items are returned to us unused and in original packaging*
  2. We will refund the original order price once all items are returned to us unused and in original packaging*

*Full, original order will have to be returned to UZ Marketing's facility unused.

Please note that if our Quality Control team does not receive a response within ten (10) business days after our Quality Control team has responded to your ticket, it will be considered closed and we will be under no obligation to provide a refund or reprint. 

Once an investigation has been done for the support ticket submitted and a solution has been determined by the Quality Control department, the support ticket will be closed. Please note UZ Market is under no obligation to provide further solutions once a ticket is closed. 

We reserve the right to request samples of any allegedly defective merchandise prior to either of the above resolutions being agreed to.

A representative will contact you via our support ticket system within 24-48 hours of submitting the support ticket. You will be requested to provide pictures or videos to assist us with investigation in our efforts to find a resolution. 

Please note that if we determine a reprint / refund is warranted, you may be asked to return the defective product. If the merchandise hasn't been returned to our facility within 2-3 weeks, the ticket will be considered closed and we will be under no obligation to provide a refund or reprint. We generally recycle defective materials, which helps us keep our costs low for you. If a product is claimed as defective or unusable, but has been used, you thereby expressly indicate that the product is usable and therefore will no longer qualify for a reprint or refund.  

If you do not make contact with our support team within ten (10) business days of their first attempt to contact you with the approved solution we will assume that the issue has been otherwise resolved and no reprint or refund will be given. Once the approved solution is agreed then, unless we agree otherwise, you must return the entire original print order to us, at the address provided by our Customer Service representative, within 10 calendar days after the date the solution is approved. If you do not return it within this time frame you agree that the original order will be charged against your credit card on file with UZ Marketing.

A refund or reprint will only be possible after an approved solution has been authorized and, unless we agree otherwise, provided that the entire original print order has been returned to and received by us.

When applicable, a refund will be issued within 10 business days of our receipt of the original product order.

A reprint will begin rush production within one (1) business day of our confirmed receipt of the product or such earlier time as we may agree to.

Defective Orders

The forgoing is UZ Marketing's sole responsibility with respect to a defective order. To the maximum extent permitted by law, UZ Marketing is not responsible for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if UZ Marketing has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the order.

The following situations include, but are not limited to, some guidelines and examples of issues that do not constitute grounds for a refund, or a return or reprint of a product:

  • Product(s) that are delayed in production as a result of the customer providing inaccurate information.
  • An inability to print or write on the product, unless the product description states otherwise. A typical UV coated product cannot be printed or written upon. Matte finished products may or may not accept printing or writing. We recommend that you order a sample from us and test it using the printer you will use before placing a final order. UZ Marketing is not responsible for an inability to print or write on a Product, unless the product specifically states that it is suitable for this purpose.
  • Orders that are duplicated as a result of customer error.
  • Orders that contain dated materials that arrive after the relevant date or with insufficient time to use the material as intended. It is a customer's responsibility to allow sufficient time when placing an order for time sensitive materials.
  • A customer's violation of any of the terms and conditions governing the use of UZ Marketing's website and/or ordering of product.
  • Viruses, worms, trojan horses and other forms of harmful or malicious code that are not detected or removed using UZ Marketing's standard virus/malicious code detection procedures.
  • Loss, corruption of, or damage to your personal information, Customer Content, order history or related information that is stored by UZ Marketing.
  • Our failure to notify you of any delay, loss or damage in connection with your printed products or shipment or any inaccuracy in such notice.
  • Any items mentioned within the Terms of Sale or individual product Terms of Use.

Please note that UZ Marketing's provision of advice, assistance or guidance either on this Website or via our Customer Service representatives does not constitute an acceptance of responsibility or liability for any problems that may arise in connection with any print order or services provided.

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