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SMS Marketing and the diverse marketing available with the Tools

Posted on 6th September, by Quan Luu in The Marketing Expose. Comments Off on SMS Marketing and the diverse marketing available with the Tools

SMS Marketing + All in one tools

Written by a Satisfied User of the All In One Marketing Tools

When I first read All-in-one Marketing’s promotion literature, I assumed it’s just another new-age Marketing Service. But when I signed up, and started using the services, I was pleasantly surprised. Being a small-enterprise owner, marketing our services involved multiple iterations over email, sms marketing, and telephonic conversations, and then connecting to our prospects on LinkedIn or Facebook, to replicate the discussions. Creating diverse messages that work in tandem with each other was also a challenge, and we were often suggested to create complex marketing campaigns for this. In addition to adding to our costs, such campaigns only tend to get long drawn. We were looking for something quick and inexpensive

That’s when we started using UZMarketing’s SMS Marketing + all in one platform. Now, with just one single platform, we are able to address multiple contacts over multiple media, and make quick conversions to sales. The platform integrates 5 different modes of communication: sms marketing, Email, IM, Voice Broadcast and Social Media. These can be used in tandem to achieve your marketing goals, in the following broad ways:  

·        Use the different media to target different profiles of people.

     While Mobile Text is ideal for housewives, retired personnel and sales and support folks who are on the move, IM and Email are useful for busy, working, corporate folks who would not like to be disturbed at work. Voice Broadcast can be used on FM Radio Channels to target all of these categories of people, and Social Media can be leveraged for younger, newly-working, and studying age-groups. (Text “CuttingEdge” to 96362 to see this in action)


·Create multiple views of your product or service offering.

     Electronic Direct Mailers typically lose steam, as messages are lost in the queue, or people fail to respond within suggested timelines, or there is nothing much you can do with them beyond forwarding them to another person. Now, with UZMarketing, you can create an email that has links to a video on YouTube, or an application on Facebook, or the opportunity to record your feedback in your own voice and have it played on FM Radio. Just ensure that the contents on each of these media are not repetitions of each other, but all work together to show the benefits of your product/service/solution/offering.


·Create reward programs and incentives for loyal users.

      In the Retail sector, Loyalty programs are typically doled out in retail storefronts or on online shoppes like eBay. Now, manufacturers can advertize loyalty programs on their Facebook page and provide links to a product page where all the loyalty program information is detailed. Further, a sales/support/office executive can come online on IM on this page, and answer queries or clarify doubts. All this helps create excitement and urgency about your loyalty program.


While these are a few ways in which UZMarketing can be leveraged smartly, I suggest that Marketing departments of organizations play with it and figure out new possibilities. Especially lucrative is the SMS marketing portion of the tools, which serve as an instant connection to customers. Generally, in mid-sized organizations, marketing personnel are up to the neck in communication related tasks. Now, with All-in-one, they can give more time to real value added activities.

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